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About the Beds Road CC Evening League Series

The Evening League is a series of time trails in which riders compete against the clock on two alternating hilly SPOrting COurses. The event is run for and on behalf of Cycling Time trials, under their rules and regulations.

The routes are:-
10 mile course map
Risk assessment

11.3 mile course map
Risk assessment

Riders are grouped for points, by age and sex.

You need to complete 5 of the 10 mile and 5 of the 11.3 mile courses to qualify. In the case of cancelled events, a lesser number of rides will be required. If one course is repeadedly unusable, due to road works or other reason outside our control, we may simply require you to have made a minimum number of rides, regardless of the course used. It is up to the rider to determine whether he/she has completed sufficient events. The system will record how many events each rider has booked to ride in, not necessarily whether the rider actually completed an event.

The first rider is off at 18:46 and the last rider is off at 20:00 . We recommend that younger or less experienced riders select an early start time.

It is the responsibility of each rider to detemine the route of the course, well before each event. There is nothing worse than riding a course which you are not familiar with, possibly going off-course and getting lost. We do not provide a pickup service and we do not provide marshalls to point out directions. We recommend that you take a mobile phone and any necessary spares to enable you to get home in the event of a puncture of other mechanical failure.

Entry Details
Riders who wish to compete in the EL Series are encouraged complete the online entry form, as spaces go fast. You can choose your own starting time. Alternatively you may be able to sign on, on the day, if spaces are available.

You must register before you ride. You only need to do this once. Please see here

Bookings will open for BRCC members first, on the Sunday before the event. Bookings will then open for all riders on Tuesday. Online bookings can be made up to 1 hour before the event, spaces permitting.

Entry Fees
The levies we must pay to the CTT, our governing body, have doubled this year.
Event entry fee is £2.00 for under 18s, £4.00 for BRCC members, or £5.00 for members of other clubs. The entry fee should be paid at sign-on desk.

NOTE: The sign on desk closes at 18:15 and no further bookings or changes will be accepted after that time. This is to allow us time to print off the start sheet, timekeepers sheets and prepare for the start.

You can not be sent off at a different time or order to that which you booked, under any circumstances.

Age and Sex Groupings
Age groups are based on your age on 31 Aug 2016. Riders are grouped for the 30 available awards as follows:-

1st, 2nd, 3rd overall mens group M
1st, 2nd, 3rd overall ladies group F
1st, 2nd, 3rd vet+ (60+) group X in group M & group F
1st, 2nd, 3rd vet (40-59) group V in group M & group F
1st, 2nd, 3rd senior (18-39) group S in group M & group F
1st, 2nd, 3rd junior (12-17) group J in group M & group F

So, as an example, if you are a male who will be 37 at 31 August 2016, your group will be MS.

Under 18?
Riders aged under 18 must submit a parental consent form, signed by their parent or guardian. This form can be downloaded from the CTT website. Riders under 18 get reduced entry fee of £2.00 . We recommend that younger or less experienced riders select an early start time.

Conduct at the Events & Regulations
The event is run for and on behalf of Cycling Time trials, under their rules and regulations.

Parking: if you cannot travel to the Clubhouse by bike, please do not park across our neighbours driveways, and do not park outside the Clubhouse or near the start and finish lines; and also note that we do not have permission to use the Village Hall car park.

We must keep the road outside the Clubhouse clear, and must respect our neighbours - please keep your voices down when outside the clubhouse.

We STRONGLY recommend the wearing of a hard shell helmet, and will REQUIRE all riders under 18 to wear one - this is a CTT rule.

We recommend you fit a flashing rear RED light.

No u-turns in the road within sight of the start and finish lines.

Do not ride on the opposite side of the road, except when it is safe to overtake or when making a right hand turn.

CTT Regulation 21 - Paced & Company Riding: Competitors must ride entirely alone and unassisted and not ride in company or take shelter (commonly known as drafting) from other riders or vehicles. A competitor overtaking another must pass without receiving or giving shelter. The onus of avoiding company riding shall be upon the rider overtaken. Riders who breach this regulation will be disqualified.

On crossing the finish line please LOUDLY call out your number to help the timekeepers, otherwise your time may not be recorded.
Please do not disturb the timekeepers, mingle around them, or block their view - they will be busy recording other riders' times.

If you cannot ride If you have booked and are on the start sheet, we expect you to ride. We have reserved a place for you, we have expended effort and time in putting the event on for you. We fully understand that sometimes, circumstances mean that you cannot ride. In these cases, we consider it is common courtesy for a rider who is unable to sign on, to inform the organiser BEFORE the event, that he or she cannot ride. This then allows us to allocate that place to another rider who may be able to benefit from it.

We reserve the right to refuse all future entries from riders who are seen to regularly book, not sign on, and fail to show the simple courtesy of offering an apology before the event.

We will aim to have the results available on the results page soon after each event. And they are generally available in the Clubhouse shortly after the last rider comes in.

Complaints and constructive criticisms really are welcomed. All complainants are encouraged to volunteer to take on the running of these events for the following year if they are not happy with the way the event was run this year. This is a club event run by unpaid club members for the enjoyment of others.

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