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Get your name on the BRCC Evening League List - Bookings open soon...

Booking opens on the Sunday before each event. Choose your own starting time or starting number. You can not change it on the night, so choose carefully now. You can choose a different start time each week.

Entry is £2.00 for all U18, £4.00 for BRCC members over 18 and £5.00 for all other CTT affiliated or 'Come & Try It!' riders over 18.

Sunday and Monday is for booking by Beds Road CC members. From Tuesday to Thursday, bookings open for members of all CTT affiliated clubs.
For details/rules on the Evening League see here.

Live ranked results, fully categorised, plus live speed graph here.
Live un-ranked table of results, as projected in the club room here. Clears at 9pm.

Bookings open for the first 50 slots. When they are full, the next 5 open, then the next 5 and so on. This is to reduce gaps in the field.

Click cyclists for more info and to register.

New to Time Trials? A good video on beginning time trialling

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New trial feature.
Riders set off at 1 minute intervals, starting at 18:46. Hover on a yellow bib number to see the start time for any rider.
Key = ([Group], [Bike Type] [Name] [Club]) Types: TT=Time Trial, RA=Road bike + Aeros, RB=Road bike, FW=1-Speed FreeWheel, FX=Fixed, MB=MTB
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